O Boteco is Perth's newest Vintage Caravan Bar.

My husband and I found our caravan nestled up for 10 long years in an elderly lady's back garden when we were doing a small job for her.  We asked if she was interested in selling it and she proposed us a deal on her job in exchange of her lovely caravan.  After some negotiations we reached a decision and the caravan was ours! With the slow painful drive home as things were a little bit rusty and unused with sitting in that back garden for all those years we made it home.


The transformation began...


We stripped everything off the caravan back to its bare frame and completely restored everything else inside and out, new frame work, outside sheeting, windows, roof, lighting and on and on.  It was a really exciting project but took a lot of hard work and hands on.


Now O Boteco is finally complete and kitted out for all events in Perth and we are so happy with the final outcome.  With the large beer fridge and kegerator ready to be stocked for your next party, things are about to get exciting!!!